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A Film Bend It Like Beckham



ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION. Choose only ONE from below.

CHOICE 1. Bend It Like Beckham

Our course syllabus describes that we will consider what leads to, challenges, and sustains friendships among people.

Think about the friendship between Jess and Juliette. What led to, challenged and sustained their friendship? Have you ever had a friendship with similar qualities? In what ways can you relate to their friendship? In what ways would you not be able to relate?

Take your time answering these questions.

CHOICE 2. Big Bang Theory

We watched 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory, which covered many situations that developing and established friends might experience. Focus on 1-2 situations that occurred and describe how friendships developed, challenged, or were sustained among the main characters. 

How did the characters respond? Were their responses realistic? What do you base your comments on? Have you been in similar situations and what was that like? Have you had friends that are similar to any of these characters and in what way? 

Refer to SPECIFIC episodes by title and notice that you put episode names in quotation marks.

  1. In the pilot episode, ... Penny is a new neighbor; Leonard and Sheldon try to retrieve her TV.
  2. In “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” ... Sheldon gets sick.
  3. In “The Closet Reconfiguration,”... A letter from Howard’s father is found.

CHOICE 3. If you have an idea, run it by me. But it must be focused.


Double-space and use 12 pt Times, with 1” margins all around. Use a
four-line left header and title, then start typing the paragraphs of your paper. 

This reflection should be a full 2 pgs. On every page, use a right header of your last name and the page number.


Whatever you write about, just make sure that you use logically organized
paragraphs where like ideas are grouped together. You do NOT need a specific thesis sentence, but the reflection paper overall should have a consistent main idea.


  1. Consider what you have learned and are learning in English courses that focus on composition (ENG 101, ENG 105). Ultimately, you want to set up your paper in such a way that your thoughts are clear to your audience of readers. Reread and proofread often and be open to revising and rearranging ideas.
  2. Big Bang Theory is a show. Italicize the names of shows, but refer to specific episode titles with quotation marks, not italics. Movie titles are in italics.
  3. If you can include specific quotes, that would be helpful. Use past tense and just indicate which character said the line. If you do not have specific quotes to give, then still try to be as specific as possible when referring to specific parts/events/aspects of the work or specific actions by the characters.

PLAGIARISM: Plagiarists use someone else's words, ideas, or sentence structure without giving proper credit through documentation. Plagiarism will result in failure of the course.

METHOD OF EVALUATION: Your grade will be based on the quality and clarity of your ideas and your ability to meet the requirements of the assignment. Actually, these criteria are all I ever grade you on.


Title: A Film Bend It Like Beckham
Length: 2 pages (566 Words)
Style: MLA


A Film Bend it Like Beckham

The film of Bend it Beckham that relates to David Beckham day to day live activity as a soccer player. The film title is used as a metaphor because one finds Jess trying to bend the truth so that her parents would also bend their ways. For maintaining relationships in the films, one has to be aware of the tactic of bending without breaking that is trying to sustain a relationship despite the challenges one might encounter. The relationship between Jesse and Juliette was brought out by their love for football. They faced challenges such as from their parents. Jesse is aware that her parents would not allow her participate, and she decides to do it secretly. She participates in their practices frequently.


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