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A Cry For Help: The Tracy Thurman Story


Film Analysis Paper

We will be discussing a wide range of information this semester about each type of family violence, including the demographics of victims and perpetrators, the patterns of abuse, the after-effects of abuse, and the responses by the criminal justice system and others. The film analysis is intended to be a “fun” way to apply this information outside of the classroom and to examine how accurately these films represent these issues.

Your job is to examine the portrayal of family violence on which the film focuses for 1) accurate representations of what we have discussed or read and 2) inaccurate representations that may create myths or reinforce negative stereotypes. Each paper should include the following:

1) A brief plot summary that makes clear the specific form of family violence on which the film focuses and on which you will be focusing in your analysis.

2) A discussion of the elements of that form of family violence that are accurately presented by the events in the film.

3) A discussion of the elements of that form of family violence that are inaccurately presented by the events in the film and/or myths or negative stereotypes that are reinforced by the events in the film.

4) A conclusion that makes clear your own evaluation of the film as a source of information about that type of family violence.

Please remember the following as you write this paper:

1 –You should assume that I have NOT seen the film. Some of these films I have seen, and some I have not. You should not write as if I know what you are talking about. It is incumbent upon you to provide enough detail and specific, clear examples for me to follow your main points.

3 –Your paper should be around 5 pages long. I don’t really see how you can do a bang up job in less than that, but I also do NOT WANT to receive 10 page papers. Figure out your main points and be concise in explaining them.

5 – If you use material from the readings or any other sources, you must appropriately cite those readings/sources in the text of your paper and provide matching bibliographic entries.

Finally, I want to be excessively clear about one last item…..

 Under NO circumstances are you to reference or even read an online film analysis of your film. If I discover that you have used, relied on, referenced, or copied an analysis that is out there in cyberspace, I will not blink in giving you a 0 on the assignment and writing you up for an academic integrity violation. This is NOT a summary of the film; it is an analysis based on what you have learned about this type of abuse. A film analysis written by someone else will NOT provide you with what you need. This must be wholly and completely your own work!

Here are some suggestions for films that you can use for this assignment, divided according to the type of abuse on which the film focuses. Please note that the content of some of these films can be quite disturbing….please choose with care taking into consideration your own psychological and emotional health.

Intimate Partner Violence                                                                                    Child Abuse

Sleeping with the Enemy                                                                                    Bastard Out of Carolina

What’s Love Got to Do with It                                                                          Affliction

The Burning Bed                                                                                                  This Boy’s Life

A Cry for Help: The Tracy Thurman Story                                                      Mommie Dearest

Dangerous Intentions                                                                                         Agnes of God

Enough                                                                                                                  Precious

If Someone Had Known

Shattered Dreams



Men Don’t Tell (husband abuse)

No One Would Tell (dating violence)

The Accused (date/acquaintance rape)


Title: A Cry For Help: The Tracy Thurman Story
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


A Cry for Help: The Tracy Thurman Story

Plot Summary

The film “A Cry for Help: The Tracy Thurman Story” is based on the story of a woman Tracy who is constantly abused by her husband. Family violence is portrayed in this movie like that of domestic violence against the woman, which is termed as intimate partner violence. Tracy married to a man by the name of Charles Thurman hasplaced a refraining order for her husband who hasbeen abusing her and keepsthreatening to kill her. On the day of her attack, Tracey is at a friend’s house that she is visiting. Her husband coms looking for her claiming that he wants to play a part in bringing up his son, who is also in the house with his mother. While struggling not to encounter her husband, who is already shouting outside the house for her to come out, she callsthe police to take action against him for threatening to kill her if she refusesto relent and meet him outside the house.


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