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What role should culture play in how a person's health issues are handled? Is this demonstrated in the health system today? Support your position with examples and/or evidence.


Title: 2 Dq 2
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            The concept of culture relates to the customs that are common to a particular people in a given society. When it comes to the health sector, the influence of culture is quite broad (Nolte, & McKee, 2008). Essentially, it affects perceptions on many issues related to health. Nevertheless, the focus in this study will only look at the treatment offers. Depending on the culture where one comes from, it is possible for one to dictate the treatment he is to receive if he finds that the one available goes against his customs and traditions. All the cultures in the world have health-related beliefs that explain various phenomenon such as the causes of different ailments, cures, and the people to institute medical care (Waddell, Burton & Great Britain, 2007).   


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