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Education 5 Pages

Children’s Cognitive Development

Children’s Cognitive DevelopmentThis article will discuss children’s mental development from Piaget’s perspective.Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive DevelopmentPiaget offers a view of cognitive development that is based on allowing children tobuild concepts actively rather than providing those concepts...

Education 3 Pages

Outline Of Evaluation Plan: Analysis Of Action Research And Program Evaluation—Part 2

IntroductionEvaluation plan plays significant role in any form of professional development plan.Throughout module 3, there are series of evaluations and research techniques used which contributes to the overall alignment of goals and objectives of the entire project. The context of type, characte...

Education 6 Pages

Plan: Designing A Professional Development Activity (Module 6)

Personal learning goals are the genesis of professional development activity. The personal goals include knowledge, behaviors or an extensive understanding of the fact that students should be able to identify what is important in their own learning process. The students should be able to relate w...

Communications 7 Pages

Contemporary Journalism Practice Sport Journalism

SPORT JOURNALISMThe world of sports is changing so fast as technology advances. The heart of sport journalism faces a great paradox. One belief categorizes online sport journalism as curse while another as blessing in disguise. Generally speaking, sport journalism has over the years been characte...

Business Studies 12 Pages

Multi Cultural Organisation, Case Of Ebay Corporation

Executive SummaryMulticultural corporations are classic examples of business organization which break barriers and control or own production of goods or services in a countries or countries other than its home countries. While there are many list of multicultural corporations, we will explore in ...


Global Sustainability

Global Sustainability through the use of Geothermal Heat PumpsGlobal sustainability is a broad term. Its defined as the process of maintaining change process inbalanced fashion, through which the exploitation of resources, technological advancement,direction of investment, institutional changes a...


Dennis Rader, Criminological Theory Or Theories That Support The Inception Of The Problems

CRIMINOLOGYIntroductionWhen the word ‘serial killer’ is mentioned, one thinks of the most notorious criminalswho engaged in brutal killings of innocent people. However, it’s quite impossible to think of theserial killer as the church believer, family man who cares and provide for the family, theP...


Similiarities Between Christianity And Islam Philosophies

There is an Almighty being called God. Christians call him God and Muslims call himAllah. They believe that He is the Creator of the whole universe i.e. the heavens, hell and the earth and that he sustains life in it. They believe that at one points there were prophets who were God-sent such as J...

Health Care 3 Pages

Impact Evaluation And Accountability

ObjectiveOutcomeReduce tobacco use by adolescentsThe findings that increasing the exposure of adolescent to the advertisement of smoking eventually led to the dramatic reduction of smoking among the adolescent.The study further furnished comprehensive detail about the specificity and durability t...

IT, Web 6 Pages

Case Study 3: Security

IntroductionComputer efficiency and proficiency is kley towards best delivery of services in an organization. By installing the best systems ion restaurant, quick delivery of services to the customers will be paramount. The other prominent issue is that each of the staff each of the organization ...

IT, Web 4 Pages

Owasp Report

Majority of the well informed coperations and organization are aware to the fact that the organization’s websites and applications are more than the platform of information service. The website represents the cooperate image which is important avenue where the customers get information and the pu...

Marketing 4 Pages

Principles Of Marketing Assignment 4

Marketing is often understood as the sales or publicity process for a company or product. Marketing is generally visible in things such as the promotion of: products, services, people, places, events, and ideas. This visible aspect can be through forms of advertisement and media. However, there i...


​ It Is Very Natural For Us To See Ourselves And Others As Objects Whose Attributes Can Be Measured, And As Objects That Can Be Manipulated. How Has This Come About? Answer This Question, Bearing In Mind Foucaults Discipline And Punish.​

Foucault’s works has triggered great debate in the recent years. His unique and the nature of writings, complexity, variety, and their size have triggered discussions in forms of critique and appreciations. Through the series of Foucault’s writings for the last three decades, the author has been ...

Other 4 Pages

Prescribed Drugs With Ca Ms

This paper addresses a pharmacological management plan for Mr. NX, including consideration of possible contraindications for CAMs, prescriptive and non-prescriptive recommendations for management of acute pain and other ongoing disease processes, followed by evaluation strategies.Pharmacological ...

Other 4 Pages

Case Study:You Are A Social Worker At The Child, Adolescent And Family Health Services In Marrickville.

Brief summary of the significant historical information The core relationship between the academic performance of children in school and socio- economic status is the genesis sociological research established from the story of Smith family in the case study. While there have been varied debates o...

Other 2 Pages

Case Study

Metaphors are useful tools, particularly in communication, and applicable in day to day academic research and conversation. Through the use of metaphors as our case of analyzing two scholarly studies, the metaphors create vivid mental images which help us in interpreting the world around us. Meta...

Nursing 7 Pages

Strategic Training Of Healthcare Workforce On Policies, Procedures, And Regulation

Strategic training plays a significant role in the development of the healthcare facility. Training presents a useful opportunity for expanding the knowledge base of the employees working within the healthcare which helps in addressing challenges faced by the industry. While employees normally re...


Enterprise Systems For Management

Enterprise system is an application of technology through the use of software in an organization which is designed to collate various operational wings or departments of an organization into a centralized zone. In summary, Enterprise system is made of combinational software in an organization to ...


Uk Based Marketing Communication Campaign Of A Green Or Children’s Product Or Service

IMC campaigns have become an integral activity in the marketing depart of most organization in UK. A good example of such organizations is ToyLearn Company which deals with green children products. ToyLearn Company marketing department started utilizing the IMC started engaging in the IMC campaig...


Microsoft And The Search Market

Microsoft and the Search MarketIntroductionMicrosoft launched its search engine, Bing, in 2009 with a primary intention of increasing its returns through online advertisements and client searches. However, since its establishment, the search engine has not recorded profits, which has contributed ...


Olson And Salisbury’s Group Philosophy

Olson and Salisbury’s Group PhilosophyOlson’s ArgumentAs per Olson’s perspective, the Traditional Theoristsput forth two essentialvariants, which are,a. The Causal Variants, which suppose that privateassociations and groups are everywhere and due tothe basic human tendency to form a joint associa...

Philosophy 4 Pages

Violent Video Games

Violent Video GamesIntroductionVideo games are games played by manipulating images generated by a computer program or other electronic display device. There are many types of video games that one can indulge in. They include puzzles, adventure, action, races among others. In the US about 97 perce...

Sociology 2 Pages

Impression Management

Impression ManagementWorking in a band has given me the opportunity to interact with people across different ideologies. Most importantly, it has given me the opportunity to understand the emotions of those that I work with and ensuring that I put into perspectives their consent especially when i...

Sociology 5 Pages

Medical Practice

Medical PracticeIntroductionThe way of life influences the stability of health of the people in the society. The diseases and the rates of death in the society reflect the levelof life in the society. Sociology of health therefore connects the common grounds in the interaction between the society...

History 4 Pages

Newspaper Editorial Bias

The essay seeks to analyze two different newspapers that covered the three Mendoza-Humphries matches. The editorial coverage of the time was marred by a lot of biases based on minority segregations, where one contestant was being favored over the other in a period. The essay unravels the extent o...