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Probability often tops the most sought for homework help. It is followed closely by those who seek calculus homework help. Many times, students seeking help solving statistics problems will be in the same numbers both for calculus and probability problems. The rest of the topics are also on high demand among those seeking homework help but not as much as the main two


A bag has 20 marbles. 5 of them are white, 8 are green and 7 yellow. Three balls are drawn without replacement.

What are the chances that all the balls drawn are white?

A bag has 20 marbles. 5 of them are white, 8 are green and 7 yellow. Three balls are drawn without replacement.

What are the chances that all the balls drawn are white?

Let Q be the first white ball

Let R be the second white ball

Let S be the third white ball

The probability that the first ball is white

Q (R) = 5/20

The probability that the second ball is white. There are 4 white balls and 19 balls in total.

Q (S) = 4/19

The probability that the third ball is white. There are 3 white balls and 18 balls in total.

Q (P) = 3/18

Probability that all balls are white

Q (RSP) 

= Q (R) * Q (S) * Q (P)

= 5/20 * 4/19 * 3/18

= 60 / 6840

= 0.00877

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