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Are you looking for tips on how to write an essay? First, let us understand what is an essay.  Essays are academic papers written by middle school, high school, and college students. At some point, they are referred to as reports, especially when they are about business and science. In simple words, an essay is a piece of writing that expresses the writer’s opinion using informative content. Every student should know how to write an essay. It takes more than just sitting down and typing. If it’s your first time to write essay, you need to know to take time and learn tips on how to handle different types of essay writing. 

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Types of Essay Writing

Essay writing in English comes in various kinds. Once you assigned such homework, you must identify the type of essay wanted. They grouped as follows:

Narrative Essay

This essay tells a story or provides in-depth information on your topic in a straightforward, manner, but orderly. 

Descriptive Essays

It is an academic essay that provides details on things happening. A good example is an essay discussing a trip; it would mean describing a trip to a park. In the essay you are expected to explain how the park looked, smelt, and how the grass felt under your feet. You paint a clear picture to the reader and make them feel like they went with you. 

Persuasive Essay

When looking for essay writing examples, you will quickly identify a persuasive essay.  It convinces the reader to believe the writer’s point of view. 

Comparative Essay

The essay compares two or several things using credible points to support each point.


An expository essay is instructional. The reader learns how to a particular procedure through this essay. For example, it may be an essay on how to make fresh waffles for breakfast.  

These are just a few of the common essays; there are others and your professor assign you according to your course. 

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay 

Writing an essay can be simple if you just learn a few tips on how to do it. Whatever type of essay you would like to create from scratch, all you need is follow the right steps. This reduces the complexity of your essay and breaks it into small manageable tasks. Here are a few tips: 

Understand Your Assignment Instructions

Before you start working an essay, understand the instructions. The style and structure of the essay will be determined by the type of essay assigned to you check for information describing the type of essay you are expected to come up with. 

 Formatting and styles also lie within the purpose of the essay. Some of the most important things to put in mind when reading the instruction include

  • The exact number of words wanted.
  • The citation style wanted for the specific assignment
  • Formatting requirements including margin size, font type and size and spacing. 

Seek Clarification about anything that’s Not Clear

Asking for clarification doesn’t mean you are not bright. It helps you understand better and increases your chances of getting a good grade. Let your instructor know if you need some help or clarification. Some are kind enough to offer essay writing examples to help you understand what you should do in the project. 

Get a Good Topic

Most likely, you will get a topic from your teacher, but some will give you the freedom to pick one. If you are the one to select the topic, start by thinking about the type of paper you have to write. It may be an in-depth analysis or just an overview, and that determines the topic you can pick. 

It means more work if you have no topic, but you should also view it from a positive point as you can choose what you understand better. For deep analysis, narrow the topic to get into details, but an overview one allows you to touch here are there as long as its within the purpose of the paper.

Drafting the essay outline

If you are not sure how to write better essays, work on your outline carefully. This is the first step towards getting an organized, logical, and smoothly flowing essay. You will be writing down what is your mind, and it will help you connect the ideas easily. An outline is a structure that lays a strong foundation for the essay you want to write. Let your topic be at the top of the page; it will help you remain relevant.

Develop a Thesis

If you check different essay writing examples, you find that the thesis is always the main point of the academic papers. It is the next big thing after coming up with a topic. This is one sentence that says what your essay is all about. It is imperative to create a thesis that you can base the whole article on. These few words should reflect what the topic and the ideas you are planning to write about is. 

A good example is if you choose to write about Mother Theresa and her impact on mankind, a thesis would be something like “Mother Theresa impacted the world through by helping the less fortunate, therefore changing out future” You can have many points about your topic, but in your conclusion, everything should lead back to the thesis. A thesis must be broad enough so that you do not run out of information.

Organizing Your Essay Outline- Brainstorming

Before you write an essay, you must have ideas. Even reading guides on how to write better essays cannot help if you cannot think and come up with your ideas. Start by writing down the ideas using the mind mapping and clustering tips to brainstorm. It simply means writing a topic on paper and having related points around it. They become your sub-topics, but eventually, you choose the best. Avoid a very narrow or broad topic. It will not be easy to handle either of them. 

Writing the Essay

Start with an Introduction

Start with an introduction after coming up with the topic and the thesis. Some people write the introduction after writing the article body. But whichever way you choose to do it, it should be relevant to the topic and the thesis along with the body content. It is a longer description of your topic where the reader understands the context of your essay.

For example, if your topic is about a particular piece of art, start by stating whose work it is and the basics to let your reader know the background of the art.  

Write Your Essay 

After coming up with the outline, start writing the essay. Fill the basic skeleton with quality flesh; this means credible point support with evidence from various sources. Present every argument candidly and in detail. Based on what you created in the outline, write the points in series and address each point in a single paragraph. Provide examples and evidence to support your points. Besides, remember to link your scores to the thesis to give your essay a smooth flow. 

When moving to the next paragraph, use excellent transitional sentences. This will build connections and exceptional flow, which will bring out your arguments clearly. Find some logical ways to do this; otherwise, the essay will sound like different brought together. Some of the words to use include as paragraph connectors are “therefore,” subsequently,” “similarly” and “as a result.”

A good example is when talking about the importance of a healthy diet, and you point out it helps boost immunity. The next paragraph can start with a connection word like; “In addition to preventing opportunistic infections, a healthy diet helps you lose or maintain the ideal weight.”

Before you conclude a paragraph, remember to address any possible counterarguments. For example, in an argumentative essay, write about any major arguments likely to arise against your points. Include evidence to convince your reader why the counterarguments should not win against your points.  

Cite the sources

Most essays are based on other people’s ideas and information. Take your time to cite every source and be sure to use the number of sources given. Some assignments are not limited to a particular number of sources. This is important even if you choose to paraphrase and summarize the ideas. 

How you cite the sources should be in line with the style given by an instructor. The author’s name, title, and publication date are the main things to include in the citation. But the page number is also vital. Not every sentence needs to be cited; you only do this when talking about things such as facts and statistics.

Revise the Essay-Proofread and Edit

Once you are done, proofread and edit the essay. Read every sentence and confirm that it sounds just the way you wanted it. Read the article and ensure no grammatical, spellings, and punctuation errors. You can use spell check software systems. They help you notice some spelling mistakes you wouldn’t. 

This is like working on your essay again, and you must go through it thoroughly and remove any sentences and content that does not sound right. You can read aloud so that you listen. The main issues to look out for include:

  • Wordiness and extra-long sentences.
  • Points not explained in a clear way. Make sure every point id explained and elaborated in the best way possible. 
  • Unnecessary words that sound like filler words
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes, along with formatting and style issues 
  • Any inappropriate words, including slang and informal words are not allowed in college essays. This is an academic essay and must be written in a formal professional language. 

If possible, find some to read the essay for you. You could hire a professional essay writing service online to make sure a professional academic writer checks your essay.

Write the conclusion 

A brief conclusion is always the best. Summarize the whole essay in a few words and tie everything back to the thesis and topic before concluding the essay. Avoid bringing up new points in your conclusion. Let what you have written in the essay body be enough. 

Bottom Line 

Essay writing in English takes a lot of effort.  The tips above will come in handy if you do not know how to write essay step by step. But you can still find essay writer free online to help you write the paper. 

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