The History of Basic Writing

Are you someone who is just starting out in writing, or perhaps it’s something you’ve been dabbling in for years and have an interest in using it for a potential future career path? As you work to master your craft, you may also find it helpful to take the time to learn a little about the history of basic writing, where it came from and what its original intent was. Besides it being helpful in honing your craft, it’s also just plain interesting to learn where the skills of basic writing came from.

So, let’s take a step back and examine the history of basic writing, how it is still being taught today, and how it applies to current studies.

Look to the 1970s

While the art of writing is something that dates back throughout the ages, when talking about the teaching of basic writing courses and developmental writing, you can look to the 1970s for its roots. It began as a course meant to introduce students to the basics of formal written English in a college setting. 

More specifically, it was the City University of New York that opened the doors to basic writing courses. It was the start of open-admissions, which means there were no academic standards to get into college anymore. The writing program was meant to help those students who may not have the highest literacy grades but were still going to be attending college and therefore needed to better their skills. 

As times changed and open admission policies have been argued, and even taken away at many universities and colleges in the country, many of these basic writing courses have also disappeared. Today, you’ll find that they are more common in community colleges, and still serve that basic purpose of helping students improve their written communication skills.

Today’s Basic Writing Courses

As you fast-forward to today’s schools and educational experience, there are still many writing courses that a student can enroll in, but you’ll find that they tend to focus on key areas. This can help a student get a more defined experience that helps them to succeed in their future career path. Today, students can enroll in introductory courses in grammar, essay writing, journalism, creative writing, English composition, and more.

Another aspect that has changed is that it’s no longer just for college and university students, as high school kids can also enroll in various basic writing courses. This can help them to improve their marks in high school, which can then better their chances of being admitted into the post-secondary school of their choice that may not have an open admissions policy. 

It Has Stemmed a New Line of Services

As students have become more and more aware of the need to have at least a basic level of writing skills to get into various college and university programs, it has also prompted the creation of professional writing services. 

Companies such as Papers Marketplace offer students custom essay writing services, which is helping those who have a very difficult time with writing. They may know the subject matter inside out and be incredibly confident in the content, but that doesn’t mean they are able to accurately portray their knowledge in written communication form such as an essay. These professionals can also offer editing services, which can help a student’s mark in a big way.

Basic Writing Continues to Be an Important Skill in Life

So, while the way in which basic writing is being taught, where it is being taught, and the courses themselves may have changed, the need to have basic writing communication skills hasn’t changed. However, if you are struggling with your writing you could always consider using a cheap essay writing service like the kind that Papers Marketplace provides.

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