7 Tips on How Write the Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

The Great Gatsby literature is vast. It has many compelling and controversial subjects that you can explore when writing your essay. But, settling for one is not easy especially if your lecturer gives you the freedom to choose your topic. One of the most feared essays is the great gatsby analysis. This book is famous for its resonance throughout different ages and the reason it’s a good choice for students to write about. It is not an assignment that most students look forward to because it requires a lot of reading and research. Below are some ideas to help you find the best the great gatsby essay topics.

Analyse symbolism

The great gatsby has plenty of information if you choose to analyze symbolism.  There two primary symbols that you can use to write the whole paper. One of them is the symbolism of Dr. T.J Eckleburg’s eyes.  His eyes are painted on a faded billboard, which is the Valley of Ashes.

It’s just the eyes without any other part of the body. While some people think he represents God, how comes he has no mouth, hands or legs. How can he punish people or he will just watch them as they transgress? What is the symbol of the eyes on a billboard? The book was written in the 1920’s; could Fitzgerald be referring to consumerism as a god?

Use of colour

The book has several colours, and each one is not an accident. The green colour like the one Daisy’s Dock is a symbol of future hope.  The Valley of Ashes is gray, which means emptiness and lack of life. Also, there is Gatsby’s yellow car. Though yellow is the colour of gold, this character’s yellow car represents a lack of gold’s value, and that’s how people see him. Not rich enough and they see him as inferior despite having money.

Discuss the major points of view

 The great gatsby has three significant points of view according to literature. They are third-person, first-person and second person narrations. A topic related to the points of view will enable you to bring out great gatsby Literary criticism clearly while providing solid backup for every point.

Write about why Nick is the narrator, yet Gatsby is the writer?

Nick narrates the story from his perspective. He guesses the thoughts and things Gatsby intends to do in his life. His guesses make Gatsby extremely mysterious and more significant because the reader cannot understand his thoughts. Analyze why he is the narrow and Gatsby.

Analyze why is the story in first person?

If only the Gatsby story was narrated in the third person, it would be completely different.  The great gatsby essay introduction relies on what Nick says about Gatsby. But is he a reliable narrator and is he telling the truth?  This is a topic you can analyze in your essay, but be sure to include evidence from the book.

Choose a topic that Analyses the relation of this book with the American dream

In the 1920s, people had an American dream of rising from grass to grace. The riches that seemed so attainable to them are proven to be unattainable in The Great Gatsby book. If you choose to write on this topic, the great gatsby essay prompts you to write about Gatsby’s riches, which are a literal version of the American dream.

But the dream is brought out better by Daisy; she is referred to as the golden girl who Gatsby has always wanted to have. When he gets her and has a chance to express his feelings, he is still not satisfied, he presses her admit Tom never meant anything to her. This topic shows how Gatsby doesn’t achieve the American dream in wealth or Daisy.

Analyse the characters

The great gatsby has several characters that would make an excellent topic for your essay.  They include Gatsby himself, Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Myrtle.  Every character is in the story for a more significant reason than a reader can see at a glance. It up to you to research and represent the reasons meticulously in the great gatsby analysis essay.

Discuss the characters’ relationships with one another

In the book, the characters interact in different ways.  They have different relationships between them. One of the most outstanding is between Gatsby and Daisy, or the relationship Daisy had with Tom.  A topic in this line will be great for the great gatsby analysis essay.


The great gatsby is a complicated book that you have to read several times for you to write The great gatsby social class quotes in you essay to solidify your analysis. If you are tied up with other assignments, hire online writers to do the essay for you. Most of them have read this book many times while writing for other students, so you are assured of a good grade if you let them help you with the assignment.

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