60+ Best Sociology Research Topics

Every student wants to submit the best paper written according to instructions, with the right topic and not plagiarized. However, most students have a problem when researching for sociology research topics. It is one of the biggest reasons you will keep procrastinating and lack the motivation to work on the paper.
Sociology is an interesting field of study, but you will have difficulties choosing patterns, problems, phenomenon, or question to research on. Some are too broad, and others have little information. In this article, we have more than 100 best sociology topics to research to write about.



sociology research topics

Sociology studies are about a systematic plan that helps to collect and analyze observations regarding the world.  You begin by choosing the field you would like to specialize in, and then from there, you can come up with a problematic question. But, before you decide it’s the sociology research topic to write about, determine that indeed there is plenty of literature about that particular subject.


An interesting topic should fit the questions asked. It must hook the reader to gain more interest in reading your work. Read more to learn more about sociology research topics.

Sociology Research Topics on Family

  1. What is the effect of divorce on children?

  2. Effects of cross-racial adoption on society and children

  3. What extent is allowed for parents to influence their children’s behavior?

  4. Can unconventional families raise healthy children?

  5. Does single parenting affect children in any way?

  6. Should children be taught about their gender from a young age or its too much for the developing brain?

  7. Are there any peculiarities of parenting in LGBT families?

  8. Why there is a need for social programs to help children experiencing communication difficulties with their parents?

  9. What social success do children from middle class achieve?

  10. Families and marriage sociology

  11. What is the work of nannies, and how does it contrast with parent’s expectations?

  12. Adverse effects of helicopter parenting and how to end it.

Sociology of Social Media Topics

  1. What is the impact of social networks popularity among various social groups?

  2. Do social networks influence educational processes?

  3. Impact of social media on different people. Is a form of company or a kind of solitude?

  4. The effect of social media addiction

  5. Is the only young generation suffering from social media addiction?

  6. How are women affected by romantic comedies?

  7. Are social networks safe?

  8. Why blogging is one of the latest professions

  9. Does social media market anorexia and how can it be stopped?

Sociology of Social Media 

  1. Gender inequality is still present in professional activities- How to identify it

  2. Are there professions for men only and others for women only?

  3. How to solve the gender inequality problem in workplaces

  4. Impact of gender stereotypes in the media on society

  5. Which is the right age for children to ask questions regarding their gender?

  6. Correlation between homosexuality and nationality

  7. Importance of gender studies and why they should be part of school programs.

  8. Do gender studies lower the esteem of a child?

  9. Impact of legalizing LGBT families

Sociology Research Topics on Culture

  1. What are the leading sex issues affecting people below 18 years, and what is the solution?

  2. Importance of sexual education in schools

  3. What causes bullying and cruelty among teenagers?

  4. Impact of bullying in schools and what causes it

  5. Why proposing in college is not a good idea and reasons for young people to wait

  6. How does hipsters’ concept influence career choice?

  7. Importance of motivating underage to participate in sports

  8. Impact of music education on young people

  9. Reflection of nationalism among young children and the youth

  10. What are hobbies and different are they from social media?

  11. What should we expect after the millennial generation? Which one is coming up next?

Sociology research topics for the Food and Eating Sector

  1. Importance of food education in contemporary society.

  2. Connection of wellbeing and traditional foods

  3. The effect of traditional food on national identity.

  4. Significant causes of obesity in children and how to prevent it

  5. How does technology affect our eating habits?

  6. Does consumption of meat affect our environment?

  7. Are there people still taking traditional family dinners?

  8. The negative impact of fast foods

  9. Why is brunch replacing lunch and breakfast?

Sociology research topics in Nigeria

  1. Effects of drug addictions on students

  2. Reasons leading to Akwa Ibom girls to prostitution

  3. Why childlessness affects women affect women more than men

  4. Human trafficking in Nigeria and how to bring it to an end

  5. Types of marriages in Nigeria

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

Are people living in poor countries responsible for their problems? Could it be they have a poverty culture?

  1. Is August Comte the father of sociology?

  2. Does care and love for children go beyond the family setting (single parent)

  3. The effects of the social decline on morality

  4. Why is universal care system important?

  5. Does the mass media have a role to play in public opinion shaping?

Sociology research topics for Race and Ethnicity Topics

  1. How have international marriages changed?

  2. Is there any correlation between educational level and race?

  3. What is the truth behind some phenomenon of some racial stereotypes?

  4. What is the relationship between patriotism and social status?

Bottom Line

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