Topics about Research Paper: Best 53+ Ideas In 2021

In college, students must write research papers as part of their term exams or homework assignments. Every research paper has its requirements, and therefore it’s crucial for a student to know the format and how to find the right topics. Finding the right topics about a research paper is not a walk in the park because some of the topics you think are easy to write about turn out to be extremely challenging. 

However, one of the first things you should always think about is your interest when looking for research topics for college students. You can create a list and narrow them down by trying to break them into smaller topics. The best one should be interesting and easy for you to research about.  Below are research topic examples to help you find an excellent topic for your paper. 

Business Research Paper Topics 

  1. Women still struggle to go beyond the glass ceiling
  2. Ethics applied all the time at work
  3. Creating a start-up and running successfully
  4. Can you start a business without funding it?
  5. What is white collar crime?
  6. E-business: What is it and how do you start one?

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics

  1. What is acquaintance rape?
  2. Research on animal rights
  3. Is assisted suicide a crime?
  4. Capital punishment is inhuman
  5. Legal drinking age should be reduced to 18 years from 21 years
  6. Impact of campus violence
  7. Marijuana should be legalized
  8. Gun control is essential
  9. Police brutality 
  10. Hate crimes on the increase: Why?
  11. Insanity defence should not be used
  12. Sex crimes against men on the rise
  13. Why sexual harassment at work goes unreported

Drug and Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics 

  1. Alcoholism is a disease. 
  2. Is cocaine the most addictive drug? Why is it so?
  3. Doping in sports should be a crime
  4. Drug testing 
  5. Heroin addiction
  6. Nicotine misuse
  7. Driving under the influence

 Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Are standardized tests good for the education system?
  2. Does being a college graduate help you make more money?
  3. Why education should be more affordable
  4. Learning for visually impaired kids should be improved
  5. How does technology influence how children are taught?
  6. Social media networks and school
  7. Importance of using metal detectors in schools
  8. Impact of modern teaching methods
  9. How to eliminate bullies in schools

Environmental Research Paper Topics 

  1. Global warming, is it possible to reduce it and how?
  2. Why softcopies are helping to save trees
  3. Is there need to produce more environmental related films?
  4. The impact of man on forests
  5. How do earthquakes affect the underground?
  6. Can hurricane impact be predicted?
  7. How safe is nuclear to the world?
  8. GMO foods are not safe, how dangerous are they?

Family Issues Research Paper Topics 

  1. Impact of childhood abuse on adults
  2. Why battered women choose to stay
  3. Domestic abuse victims
  4. Divorce rates on the rise. Why are marriages breaking up?
  5. Importance of family relationships
  6. How family values keep people together
  7. Health research paper topics 
  8. Importance of life-sustaining therapies in futile situations
  9. Placebo treatment- What role does it play?
  10. Is marijuana beneficial in medical treatment
  11. How animal testing can be stopped
  12. Is a vegetarian diet healthy for a child?
  13. The effects of obesity on daily lives
  14. The usefulness and damages of vaccines for children
  15. Is it safe to advertise prescribed medications?
  16. Are there drug addicts created by doctors?
  17. Media and Communication Research Paper Topics 
  18. Uses of body image in the media
  19. How safe are children’s advertising and programming for the young developing minds
  20. Does copyright law protect content effectively?
  21. Media bias and its effects
  22. The impact of freedom of speech on the media
  23. What triggers communication
  24. Who reaches a broad audience, the media companies or single bloggers?
  25. Media psychology’s role in communication
  26. Media’s popular culture
  27. Children in the media are peculiar
  28. The essential material in the media
  29. How the media enhances or prevents panic
  30. Media and terrorism. What role does it play?
  31. Are there journalism ethics?
  32. War times call for changes in the media

Psychology Research Paper Issues

  1. What is autism? Is it an idiosyncrasy in development or a disease?
  2. Prediction and shaping of behavioural patterns
  3. Child violence- How to manage it.
  4. Dealing with a mental breakdown
  5. Does insomnia affect our health and how?
  6. Bad dreams and their influence on our moods
  7. Can depression affect immunity in the body?
  8. How toxic is stress?
  9. Are intellectually gifted people real? 

Women and Gender Research Paper Topics 

  1. Historical women erased: Why and who are they?
  2. Discuss the gender history
  3. Causes of gender imbalance in India and China
  4. Gender changing: Is it possible?
  5. Gender and leadership
  6. Gender and sexual abuse
  7. Gender discrimination in the world: How does the law protect both genders
  8. Gender transitioning
  9. Roles of gender in literature and the media
  10. Why don’t men fight for their rights like feminists?
  11. What is sex selling and advertising?
  12. Beauty standards: What are their effect to society
  13. Abortion legalization
  14. Sexual orientation


Before you pick any of the topics ensure you understand the question. Once you are certain about the instructions, choose the above topics about research paper above. You can also ask our support for assistance. Remember, proper planning and adequate points derived from an effective topic gives you an upper hand in excelling. 

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