Psychology Research Topics: 10+ Incredible Ideas

Writing a psychology paper requires excellent topics to earn a high score. But this is one of the most challenging part for students.  Psychological subject focuses on the human mind and behaviour in different perspectives. It is a field that gives students intricate knowledge and extensive understanding of people. Psychology research topics require serious effort from students for them to come up with the most excellent. The topic should allow the student research extensively without hitting a dead end due to lack of credible sources.  But for most students, choosing the topics is harder than researching. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Choose a Topic-Based on a Specific Psychology Branch

A good topic should be narrow so that you can focus on it. However, it shouldn’t be too narrow for you to get credible information and sources about it. One of the best ways to choose your psychology research paper topics is to write about a specific psychology branch. Examples of such topics are social cognition, discrimination and prejudice, romance love and attraction, leadership and nonverbal communication among many others.

Discuss a Therapy or a Disorder

Exploring one of the different disorders of psychology can make a good topic for psychology research papers. Also, discussing the treatment modalities of any of these disorders will make an excellent paper. Examples of disorders to write about include depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and phobias. Types of therapies are group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy.

Go for A Human Cognition Related Topic

There are great cognitive psychology research topics to use in a research paper. Some good examples include dreams, language, false memories, decision making, intelligence, perception, judgment and problem-solving.

Consider Human Development Related Topic

The human development area has several options. It focuses on different issues like early childhood, which can split into several topics such as childhood attachment, language development, and social learning.

Furthermore, you can discuss issues about dementia and illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. Other topics that you can review under the human development subject are language acquisition, learning disabilities, prenatal development, child abuse, and parenting styles.

Critique an Academic Journal or A Book

Writing a critical analysis of an already published academic journal or book is also a great way to find psychology research paper topics. They contain plenty of material to critique. Just go to the library and find different titles on psychology and choose what attracts you.

Analyze Of the Ground-Breaking Experiments in Psychology

In psychology history, there are some groundbreaking experiments that have been done successfully. These are good sources of social psychology research topics for your term research paper.  There are different ways to analyze the experiment; you can summarize it, evaluate its implications or analyze its ethics. Some of the possible experiments:

1.    The milligram obedience experiment

2.    The Little Albert experiment

3.    The Asch conformity experiment

4.    The Stanford prison experiment

5.    Pavlov’s conditioning experiments

6.    Harlow’s rhesus monkey experiments

Choose a Topic Related to a Psychology History Figure

To find interesting psychology research topics, write about a psychology history figure. Discuss the different elements of the person’s life including biography, theories and their influence on psychology.

Though such a topic is likely to make your paper historic, avoid sounding dry and dull. There are different intriguing anecdotes. Some of the famous people you can consider include B.F Skinner, Sigmund Freud, and Harry Harrow among other great psychologists. 

Discuss One of the Psychology Careers

When looking for psychology related topic ideas, careers in this field are an excellent option to write about. Psychology careers are a good option if you want a topic with many subtopics to write about. Some of the things to discuss in the research paper are duties of the specific psychologist, salary and options of employment opportunities available for them.

Come Up with a Case Study

Another potential way to find research topics related to psychology is writing about a psychology study case. This topic requires you to provide a deeply analyzed subject and use a significant theory of psychology. However, the paper can be about anyone, not someone you know such as historical figures, fictional characters in books, films or TV shows.

Literature Review

Doing a literature review will make a perfect topic for most psychological courses. When writing psychology research papers based on a literature review topic, you focus on a specific topic, summarize and report the information you get from the sources. Literature reviews are found in psychological papers and the journal article’s introduction.

Carry Out an Experiment or Create a Study

Psychological courses will require a student to create a psychological study or perform an experiment. As a student looking for psychology research topics, you can come up with a study and imagine what the results might be. However, if you have a chance to collect data do it and analyze the findings and write your paper based on that.

Bottom Line

Finding the best psychology related topic ideas is not easy, but there are more than ten ways to do it. You can start by choosing what you are interested in or the subjects you have studied and developed an interest in them. However, if you can do all these but do not have time to work on the research paper, you can hire an essay writer.

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