Step-By-Step Guide- Tips on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is broad and has to be written convincingly based on a specific idea, which is usually what you believe. As a student, you have to know how to dissect various issues including political speeches and advertisements.  But, it can be an argument against anything; what you need are skills to bring out your educated opinion professionally. This academic paper persuades the readers and makes them agree with a given point of view.

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Use the Correct Format

A good persuasive essay should be structured in five paragraphs. This is the format required and can be based on either MLA or APA citation style. However, the format is determined by the structure of the arguments.

An example is having a typical paragraph presenting and solidifying a single argument. The introductory sentence starts the argument and you use different sources to support and prove the argument. You then transition smoothly to the next argument in a new paragraph.

Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic

 An excellent topic should have contrasting opinions.  To make an easy persuasive essay, come up with a structure where you explore different subjects in every paragraph. Avoid broad topics because they can lead to a lengthy essay. The main aim of this essay is to persuade your reader to agree with you. So, go straight to the point and inspire readers with ideas, which will make them dive into your world.

Creating the Thesis Statement

The thesis of your essay should be short and solid to give the reader a clear idea on your stand regarding your chosen topic. The essay’s stance ensures that your audience does not guess about your position. Choose words carefully to bring out the persuasive statement clearly when expressing your opinion. This is when most students realize they do not know how to write a persuasive paper. Most of them cannot create a thesis statement, which forms the foundation of an essay. An inferior thesis statement gives a generalized or neutral vie while an excellent one is stable and reveals its position clearly in your argument.

Outlining a Persuasive Paper

Once you have identified your topic, it’s time to come up with an outline. This helps you organize your argument. State the points to discuss in every paragraph and back them with credible sources and include references. Here is how to outline it:


There are several ways to start your persuasive paper. But, the main point is that the first sentence must grab the attention of the reader. You are allowed to write a funny persuasive essay, which means you can start with a humorous statement to hook up your readers instantly. The opening line paints a picture of the major point, and crucial to capture and maintain your reader’s interest.

Body Content

This is where the main points are backed up by reliable facts and substantial evidence. A skilled writer knows the importance of mastering how to write a persuasive essay outline. With such skills, you can anticipate opposing views and therefore give counter-arguments, below are ways to support your argument in the essay body content.

Include Facts

Credible sources should back every fact you include in your essay. It is easy to write factual information obtained from observation, reading or things you have gone through your life. But, if you cannot support the facts from a scholarly source, your APA persuasive essay will not earn you a good score.


Quotes enhance the quality of your essay and have a remarkable impact on your content. Since other writers have written about your topic before, quote them to solidify your argument.


Most persuasive essay topics can be written and argued using statistics. But, make sure you get your statistics from a trustworthy scientific source to solidify your argument.


To paint a precise scenario in your lecture’s mind, use examples. Whether you are looking for tips on how to write a persuasive essay middle school or college level, it is possible to have examples in almost every point.


When you choose to write on a particular topic, you become an expert in that field. However, to prove you are excellent, start by accepting that a small margin of your rival’s argument is valid. By creating a concession, you get into the right place ethically. This leads to a common ground for you and your opponent. A good example is, “True, giving teens contraceptives will help combat irresponsible sexual activities. But, relying on this alone will lead to…..”

Essay Conclusion

The end of a persuasive essay is essential. It has to be related to the introduction and summarize and restate the main points. Include meaningful personal comments or leave a call for action, which will leave readers with something to think about.


If you have just received your first assignment and wondering what is a persuasive essay, you can use the points above to get started.  Remember to compose an original essay to impress you lecturer to score good grades. Choose the correct format and topic that convinces the audience. Create an appealing thesis statement and outline your well researched and convincing evidence.

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