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Narrative essay topics

When your professor gives you an assignment, and you realize it’s a narrative essay, no need to panic. Also, do not rush to write your creative stories just because it’s a narrative essay on friendship. It is an academic paper that has to be researched and every point supported using credible sources.

Best Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

narrative essay

While you can write an excellent research paper based on a non-existent story, the topic you choose determines how great your essay will be. Narrative essays come in different types, but they are told from the writer’s view.  This essay must have a plot, characters, and a conflict.

Most teachers do not give you narrative essay topics, and so you are left with the freedom to choose a theme that you find interesting.  Below are some ideas to help you find a topic that you can write.

Narrate a Successful Story

Good narrative essay topics allow you to write a story with cohesion. Some of the best topics would be about:

Tell a Success Story

Describing your first memories and trying to explain why they stuck with you.

Talk of any time you ever saved a life. Explain what happened afterward especially if there was an acknowledgment.

Write about the best surprise you have ever given someone.

Talk about any significant national event you ever watched or participated in. Paint a picture of the funniest thing you have ever been involved in, or it happened to someone else.

Talk about your happiest day.

Personal Development

Describe the most selfless thing you have done in your life. Also, talk about the reaction of the people you directed your actions to. This is an excellent narrative essay example about life and exciting to relive such memories.

Write about a response that was so much unlike you. Explain what triggered it and how you would have reacted typically.

Write about a time when you gave into peer pressure and violated your morals

Discuss your first crush during teen years and how it affected you in life and remember to use narrative essay formats despite writing a story that you takes you back to your hey days,

Talk about the day you felt grown up and realized you were no longer a child.

Narrate any regrets you may have, something you did not do or say. Tell about what you would do if you were given another chance.

Any decision that was done against your will despite the moral conflict it had with your principals. Write why you gave in and how it felt or impacted your life.

Narrate an experience when you met a strange or weird person. Explain what you think and whether you would like to know the person more and maybe become friends.

Depict how someone advised you and changed your life positively.

Tell about your greatest disappointment and what would be your reaction if it was to happen now. Would be as frustrated as you were then?


Narrate the first time you travelled alone. Tell about your feelings in the essay. This is one of the over 40 best narrative essay topics that have plenty of content to write about.

Write about what happened when you missed a flight or train.

What did you learn the first time you visited the city or village for the first time?  Depending on where you grew up, did you enjoy your first visit and did you wish to move there?

Talk of a time when you were travelling, and something suddenly went wrong.

Any story about meeting friends while travelling would also make excellent narrative essay topics for college students.

Morals and ethics

Personal narrative ideas high schools are many including memorable situations. This can be a time you lied and had to face the consequences. Whether positive or negative, the white lie must have impacted you.

Think of stories where morals and ethics did not exist. A good example is the Cinderella story. If you were one of the jealous sisters, would you agree with mother about mistreating and oppressing her?

Write a narrative essay on what you think about alcohol. Is it morally acceptable to consume alcohol and what are your worst experiences while drunk?

Bottom Line

Both high school and university students do narrative essays. The importance of the narrative essay topics for college students cannot be stressed enough.  The secret is choosing a topic that you are passionate about.

If you cannot use the above topics to write a captivating story, look for narrative essay online. We have professional writers who have vast experience in writing essays. We can help you attain excellence in narrative essay. Hire us and you will never be disappointed.

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