Hook Essay Ideas: 13 Proven Strategies for an A+ Essay

A hook essay has a sentence or a paragraph as the introduction part, which grabs the attention of the reader. The effectiveness of this essay is defined by its ability to get the reader interested and engaged enough to continue reading the whole text.

It is the best way to start any academic paper because it provides an idea the topic a writer is discussing and the questions answered. A student writing a persuasive or an argumentative essay should check out a hook in essay example. This will give her or him a clear hook essay definition.

Below are the best hook essay strategies you can use to achieve a high score:

Have a clear vision regarding what you are writing

A hook essay requires you to express yourself in the first few sentences. The introduction enables the reader to decide whether to stop or continue reading your paper. This is why you need to be creative as much as possible and do your researches before you get started.  You need a clear vision from the first sentence to the end.

The essay should not be boring; the content should spark some interest and the reader attentive and not want to miss anything. This is a method used away from academic papers in screenwriting, copywriting and storytelling. A good example is David Ogilvy; he used about 29 magic words to hook readers. When looking for ideas how to write a good hook essay consider the following:

  • The type of essay you are required to write
  • The type of tone and style you should use
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • The type of structure is needed

Best hook ideas

Here are some good hook sentences examples:

Use a Quote

When writing a hook essay, you can use a literary quote especially if it’s about a certain book, author or literary phenomenon. A quote makes your paper sound fresh and establishes you as an authoritative writer. College essay hook examples with a literary quote include:

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Whether you agree with this or not, these words by Alchemist shapes the….

Famous People’s Quotes

Quotes from well-known are an attention-grabbing and perfect hook for essay examples. However, make sure the quote is relevant to the essay’s topic. Here is an example:

 “John Wooden once said, ‘Never mistake activity for achievement.’”


This type of hook is complicated in a way, and most writers tend to shun from using it. But, starting with a funny anecdote does not mean you must add humour in the entire essay. Examples include

“I still remember one day when my cousin and I pedaled our new bikes to the beach, we were only 6 years happy and young, we rode past an old man, with a poignant look riding unsteadily on his old battered bike.”

However, check before you use the first person because essays avoid this narration.

Pose A Question

A well-constructed question will attract the attention of a reader. A reader will want to continue reading in search of an answer, but you should not use a “No” or “Yes” question.  Here are hook essay examples questions:

What would you do if you got superpowers in a day? This is what people living under oppression in Guam tried to find a good answer for.”

Create a scene

People like detailed scenes because they paint a clear picture in their mind. You simply use catchy words to describe a scene and the reader will not resist.

Here is an example hook for essay using a scene:

“Choosing the school to attend was hard decision; even settling for Hamptons Roads Academy wasn’t easy. Though a private school had always been her dream, she no longer had any desire to join one after facing so many challenges in her previous school.”

Use a fact or a definition

A fact or a definition surprises the reader because it’s something they did not know. Be sure to get an interesting description fact to make your audience desire to read more. Whether it’s a hook persuasive essay or an argumentative one, here are is an example:


“Spain is not a literary juggernaut, but it translates more books annually, more than what the Middle East has in the last one thousand years”


“Stunning describes Michelle’s looks perfectly; her walk is full of grace and her face is angelic.”


This one is easy because you simply use a proven statistic. However, it must be correct. Get your information from a trusted source. Here are essay hook generator examples:

“An average iceberg weighs more than 100, 000 metric tonnes.”


The strategies above will help you learn how to write a good hook for your essay. You can get assignment writing assistance online but let the writer know which strategy you want.  You can even write the hook sentence or paragraph, though online writing services have experts who can easily do the hook essay writing for you.

Just make sure your essay is written with proficiency and full of in-depth research that matches with hook line or passage.

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