Euthanasia Research Project- 5 Essential Writing Tips

Writing euthanasia paper is not different from writing a simple term paper what you need is to learn the structure of the paper. Even though euthanasia is a controversial topic, it is an important part of medicine and religion. The euthanasia debate is endless but one worth participating in.

The essay is also part of your final grade and this only possible if you can present the content professionally in your paper. Apart from the subject being contentious, this essay has three sections just like any other. You need an introduction, body content, and a good conclusion. Here are five tips on how to structure your research project on euthanasia.

Create a Great Topic

The topic of your research paper is euthanasia, but it needs a manageable one to narrow down details. So, you have to specify your targeted group and make your writing grounded and easy to support.  The general topic is overwhelming, but narrowing it down puts you the right track. You must know how you are going to support your specific claims.  

Assisted suicide and harbors a lot of controversies, so be ready to counteract them as you write. Besides, make sure you choose a topic that you are familiar with. This ensures you have enough information from credible resources. 

After you have picked a researchable topic for your mercy killing essay, it’s time to write. 

Thesis Statement- Choose an Excellent One

Every essay has a centre piece known as the thesis, which carries the main message in the paper. A thesis statement refers to the one sentence that lets your audience know the main subject of the essay. This serves as the guide to keep you writing on your primary topic without deviating. So how do you develop the thesis statement? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are legal or moral concerns on euthanasia?
  • Are there any major concerns about euthanasia?
  • Do medics have a stand on euthanasia debate and what is there opinion?
  • What are the reasons that would make a person choose euthanasia as an alternative to die?

These questions will help you come up with an excellent thesis. Remember your thesis determines the quality of your research paper. Be creative as much as you can while considering how information your thesis will allow you to write. 

Introduction- Layout the Guidance Properly

The introduction of a research paper on euthanasia will serve as guide. It sheds more light into the topic and thesis by outlining points or facts to be presented in the paper. However, the introduction part should be brief and straight to the point. Some of the points you can include are:

  • A short introduction of the paper. 
  • Writing purpose.
  •  Introduction of the points to be discussed thoroughly in the body content. 

Body Content- Bring Out Detailed Points and Fact

The body content contains all points discussing the purpose of your essay. Every subject is elaborated in full details. This is the part of where you provide statistics, evidence and facts to solidify the ethical issues of euthanasia. 

You can have as many paragraphs as you wish in the mercy killing essay. As long as they quality points to prove your point, write them to earn a high score. However, each paragraph should have a unique argument to avoid repetition in your essay. The quality of flow and smoothness in your essay will be considered when giving you a grade. 

To give you euthanasia essay a professional touch, you can include a philosopher’s controversial argument. Back it up with a credible citation and explain why you think it’s a weak argument and far from the main topic. But do it in a respectful manner; it’s your academic paper and must viewed as polite despite having some heated arguments

Euthanasia Essay Conclusion- End Your Essay in Support of Your Thesis

The conclusion part of the right to die essay should summarize all the points you raised. This ensures that your thesis is supported by substantial points. However, do not copy what you have written in the body content. 

Every sentence must be unique while giving your research paper a short and straightforward conclusion. Just make sure all ideas are connected and well organized. As you proofread note areas where you might need to add more contractions and ensure your essay has a professional style and tone. Such simple tips are considered when grading your work

Difficulties That Come with Writing a Euthanasia Essay

Euthanasia is not fully accepted because a majority of people feel it’s not a “good death.”  When writing a research project on euthanasia, you have to be aware of this so that if you choose to be pro-euthanasia, have enough points to counteract those who are against it.  This is the only way your essay will win the euthanasia debate. 

Terminally patients are allowed to choose euthanasia to end their misery. It is similar to suicide but this one is mercy killing done by a professional medical practitioner. It offers relief to those suffering, but at the same time it’s seen as a violation of the human rights. Chose your wording carefully when writing a right to die essay; it’s one of the most controversial topics in the medical field. Below are some of the reasons why euthanasia topic remains a controversial topic.

It will lead to loss of value to human life

A pro euthanasia essay has to explain how mercy killing shows value of human life this is the primary reason it is not supported 100% because it will push moral norms down the drain and lead to massive loss of life value. Instead, energy should be diverted to find strong and innovative ways that will help relieve pain in patients.  Anti-euthanasia brings hope and allows people to live longer with their loved ones. 


A person who is in pain every day is not lucid enough to decide to end their lives. So, in most cases, it’s a doctor who makes the decision or other people. A person under the Hippocratic Oath cannot rely on such to give a toxic injection and end a human life. 

When writing research project questions on euthanasia, you can use all kinds of examples and as biased as you want. But make sure you capture the attention and lure readers to read your piece further. 

Bottom line

Your pro euthanasia essay is not very different from other essays.  Just make sure you have some organized notes before you start writing and after completion, take time to proofread it thoroughly. Put your points across clearly. 

If you are caught up, look for a homework doer or company that specializes in euthanasia research project to offer you guidance.  Most of them have worked with students before and helped to make successful experts in the medical and religious field. Online writing services come in handy when your work is needed urgently and also gives you relive from tons of assignments. Hire our Ph.D. writers offering affordable but excellent research paper. 

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