50 Demonstration Speech Topics

Most people get chills whenever they think about demonstration speech topics to use in public speaking. However, this is a skill student need to learn, not only for essays but also gain the courage to give a speech without panicking. A demonstration speech refers to an address where you teach the audience something; the student writing such speech is supposed to be an expert in that field. This means getting the right demonstration speech topics that you can easily understand and research on.


demonstration speech topics

When writing, be sure to find unique demonstration speech topics.  The topic you end up writing about depends on the lecture type needed by your lecturer. Most of them are based on lessons covered within a particular course. Here are tips to help you find best demonstration speech topics:

Start with a Research

Researching is essential before you settle on a demonstration topic. Regardless of how well-informed you are on the subject, get more information. A well-researched paper is impressive and makes a student sound like an expert. Using a simple search with search engines, you will get ideas and examples of demonstration speech topics ideas. Put down some notes when researching so that you can refer to them later.

Consider Your Audience

You can use various forums to see what your targeted audience would like to hear. Some of the best forums include Reddit and Quora. Post you’re a question or an opinion in any of these forums and check the response. You will get ideas and the mindset of the targeted audience. 

Use Creativity

You should research about topics covered by other speakers and try to identify cool demonstration speech topics. See what has not been covered and write about it. Avoid copying what others have done because your essay should be original. You would rather hire online writing services to write for you than use other people’s ideas. 

Brainstorm for Brilliant Ideas

This is an effortless way to choose one of the random demonstration speech topics you may have in mind. During brainstorming, you are not limited, you write ideas as they come into your mind.  You should not judge your points as you write; go through them afterward and choose what you find useful.  


Examples of Unique Demonstration Speech Topics

  1. Becoming empathetic: How do you do it

  2. Understanding statistics

  3. What are the steps of creating an animated character?

  4. How are bulletproof vests able to protect the wearer?

  5. How a thermometer instrument check temperature

  6. How coffee is produced in an espresso machine

  7. Why it’s impossible to fly hot air balloons when the sun is still shining

  8. How are perfumes and fragrant created?

  9. The process of detecting lies using lie detectors

  10. How to use metal detectors for hunting for treasure

  11. The most effective method to remove chocolate stains from carpets and rugs

List of good demonstration speech topics on business

  1. How to earn from home

  2. Steps on how to write an eBook

  3. A guide on how to create a complete product

  4. Creating a business plan-What are the steps

  5. Filing tax for business owners

  6. Time prioritization: How to do to it

  7. How to identify the potential of a product

Demonstration Speech Topics College

  1. Guide to get a guaranteed A in tests

  2. Time management for college students

  3. The perfect definition of a study space

  4. Finding affordable textbooks

  5. How to become a favourite to all professors

  6. How to choose and have quality friends on campus

  7. How to earn while in school

  8. How to organize time and have a schedule

  9. How to register and sign up for classes

Funny random demonstration speech topics

  1. How to avoid eye contact with an ex

  2. Ste by step on how to break dance

  3. Finding an excellent princess-like dress

  4. Preparing for a presentation, you had forgotten about

  5. How to eat you devilled egg tidily

List of good demonstration speech topics on health and fitness

  1. How meditation helps your workout

  2. Steps of checking sugar levels in the body

  3. Finding an excellent health insurance

  4. How to make a plan for a marathon

  5. How to learn yoga poses

  6. Stages of planning vegetarian meals

  7. Ways to include fruits and veggies in your diet

  8. How to run correctly- What’s the technique

  9. Fundamentals of weight training

Easy demonstration speech topics for college students on hobbies

  1. How you can bottle your wine at home

  2. How to be creative for easy pumpkin carving

  3. Decorating a cake: What are the steps

  4. How can you make and fly a kite: What is the technology behind it?

  5. Starting and growing a thriving kitchen garden

  6. Knitting a sweater: What are the steps

  7. Learning how to play golf

Life demonstration speech topics for college students

  1. How to pack your suitcase and fit in what you need

  2. Best way to change a baby’s diaper

  3. Step by step guide to change your car’s flat tire

  4. How to keep a closet organized

  5. Steps of tying a tie

  6. How to keep your email organized

  7. The best way of folding a napkin

  8. Different ways to make use of curling iron

Best Demonstration Speech Topics on Tech

  1. Steps on how to create your email account

  2. How to make an iPhone app

  3. Steps of installing WordPress

  4. Printing pictures: How do it digitally

  5. How to mix colours in a website

Demonstration Speech Topics College on Teens

  1. Learning to apply makeup

  2. How one can apply for college

  3. Finding a part-time job while still in school

  4. How to do a beautiful French braid in a few minutes

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Bottom Line

The ideas above will come in handy when looking for demonstration speech topics. However, if you still find it an uphill task to write the speech, hire experts to write for you. It is the best way to get good grades in your assignments.

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