How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Have you ever read an article, but you found yourself disagreeing with the author? This happens subconsciously especially if you are an avid reader. Maybe you feel that the author is biased or the information is misleading.  This is what a critical analysis essay entails; assessing situations, theories, posed questions, and any other information provided.

Critical analysis essay topics allow students to grow and develop because they are not asked to give their opinion. Instead, they have to do in-depth research and thorough investigation on a given topic while making sure they understand the content before writing the essay. 

Read on for more ideas on how to write a critical essay step by step.

Critical reading

The first thing to do before you write a critical analysis essay is to read, understand and identify the thesis of the author. You need the information to have enough resources to write your essay, so pay attention for you to identify the author’s assumptions, biases, and rhetorical questions. Besides, as read make sure you check out for the following:

Every author’s content is written in a particular style that defines the targeted audience. For example, if the language is playful, the intended audience is children, but if it includes statistics, it is meant for business people.

Check the persuasion means used by the author. This is seen in rhetoric questions and language used. For example, if a product is not healthy, they may not mention it, but will analyze ingredients and let the reader decide if the given product is suitable for them or not.

The structure of the author’s content also says a lot about his or her statements. For an example of a writer is talking about punctuations including commas, there may be some illustration such most people, irritatingly, misuse comes, without observing the grammar rules.

Being the critical reader, it’s up to you to pinpoint the motives of the author and dissect them to create critical analysis essay topics.


After exploring the content, it’s time to note down every neglected or ignored aspect of the work.  A summary also ensures you understand the source 100%.  In most cases the source is text, and so you should check the following:

Organization of the text.

Identify the targeted audience and why them specifically

Check the author’s assumption

List and give an explanation on language, imagery and rhetorical devices used by the writer.

Write your thesis

After the summary, write the thesis statement. This is your reaction after analyzing the text.  The thesis statement is your opinion, but subjective to future criticism. What you need is articulate the view thoroughly and carefully to win the reader’s trust.  Create an excellent critical analysis thesis for a quality and convincing essay.

Create an outline

An outline is essential and the best way to organize your arguments.  Having an overview when writing on critical analysis essay topics helps you remember all ideas; you will not forget any major points to include in your paper.  The outline should consist of the following:

Background information including the author’s name, title and information about the publication for the reader to understand it better.

Include the thesis to give the reader your reaction to the text.

Summary to show how you understand the content.

Critical analysis meaning where you will write and present your analysis in details.

Conclusion of the essay

The final part of your critical analysis essay is the conclusion.  It falls into place effortlessly if use the analysis paper format recommended when writing this type of paper. Here, you restate your thesis and give your thoughts regarding the topic.  Provide a summary of your outtakes and reactions from the analysis, but do not copy anything from the paragraphs of your essay.

Bottom Line

The major problem that students face when writing critical essays is arguing their points in the main body of the paper.  They fail to have some connection between the arguments and this makes the essay lose its logical progression.  Nothing lowers the quality of an academic paper like points that do not flow.

You can check for critical analysis essay example online. If you still cannot figure how to do it, hire essay writers online from our team of writers.  You will be assured of an essay with the correct structure, and every point cited correctly to give your essay the credibility it requires to earn you a good grade.

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