What is a Capstone Project -Senior Capstone Project Guideline

A capstone project may be required in high school, but in most cases, it’s part of post-secondary education. Though it looks like a thesis paper, in addition to a report, it includes a performance and a product presentation.

Capstone Project Guideline

Capstone experience is different for every student. But, their primary purpose is to help a student showcase his or her educational accomplishments. You are encouraged to use critical thinking skills that you have acquired in the years you have been studying the degree program. 

Writing this project includes details on how you created the product or reached a particular conclusion. These projects are done at the end of your course and tend to motivate and get you engaged fully with your discipline.

Capstone was used traditionally to protect the exterior wall, and it was laid on top of it. The same thing applies to your education; it crowns your education after years of studying. Capstone project definition is the same as the building stone, and it shows you have done and passed a monumental task to earn the degree. 

The Framework a Capstone

An excellent capstone project example should demonstrate different characteristics. Capstone paper allows a student to showcase his or her analytical and research skills. This depends on the discipline, project’s topic and approach used. They are all taken together and represent the framework of a capstone.


You have to write and discuss your topic intensely while ensuring each point is clearly stated.  Focus on the topic and you do this by formulating a perspective on a particular issue and then drawing some conclusions.


Whether it’s a capstone project nursing assignment or any other discipline, you will have a mentor or someone to guide you throughout the project. But, you will still have the independence to work on your own.

Appropriate Scope

 The capstone project is challenging. Therefore, you must be devoted as you have been on the most challenging tasks. It requires a lot of energy and dedication. This is one paper you cannot afford to fail, not in the last semester of your course. So, keep your mind within a realistic scope.

Inquiry process

The capstone project guidelines require the student to use inquiry methods. This includes your ability to ask questions, identify evidence and make use of it, draw conclusions with credible support, communicate ideas, solve any problem and synthesize ideas using specific tools.

Intellectual Stretch

If you were to compare the capstone project vs thesis, the former takes the cup of challenge and complexity home.  This project takes you to incredible research depth and type of writing you have never thought or experienced before.

Guideline of a Capstone

A capstone project is done within two semesters. In the first semester, you are given Capstone 1, and you are expected to develop your capstone proposal. It has to be approved by the capstone instructor and faculty mentor. In the second semester, you move to capstone 2.

You are awarded separate grades for each capstone for you to pass, you must attain grade C and above for both capstone 1 and capstone 2.

The capstone enrolment assignment is done in the second semester or before, but not later. At the same time, it cannot be given out earlier than the third-last semester before graduation.

Mentors are usually approved before capstone 1 is enrolled. But the faculty mentor is a UVA faculty member.

Students are required to submit their academic papers formally. The papers include two covered copies and a soft copy. They are given one of the two bounded copies after it’s graded and the other is taken to the BIS library where CAPSTONE PROJECTS are kept.

Students are required to make a presentation in the presence of other students and the faculty. But the presentations do not earn students additional scores.


Capstone project ideas for computer science, design, architecture, art and theatre are required in the product presentation.  How students understand a capstone project is different depending on their course. But, for all students, a capstone paper is not a problem that needs a solution, its creative issues. 

The project must have a theoretical background, which is a representation of the contributions and creativity of the predecessors. Then there is the discussion section, which refers to tools and techniques used to craft the product. Finally, there is a presentation that proves the contribution of the products. We provide assistance to students who need capstone project. Place and order now and you are guaranteed the quality grade

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