How to Write an Article Review: A Step-By-Step Guide with Examples

In an article review, a student summarizes and asses an article written by someone else. The paper includes a logical evaluation of the article’s central theme and supports arguments. However, for a student to do this accurately, he or she must have a proper understanding of the major arguments and points to summarize the article correctly.

A review is either a literature or a critical review. It deals with a specific book or article, but a literature review is broad. What is an article review? Every article review can be defined as a summation and an evaluation of work done by someone else. It has to be written in a particular form and style for a student to pass and get good grades for the assignment.


Steps of writing on article review topics

article review

Read and Understand the Article Review

When writing an article review, you should be aware that your targeted readers already know the general content of the article and are looking for an in-depth analysis of the content. So, you have to summarize all the main ideas, positions, arguments, and findings. The review will be incomplete if you do not critique the effectiveness and contributions of the content. Note that:

Your review should respond to the research done by the author, and a student should not do more research.

It’s an evaluation and summary of an article.

What Is the Organization of The Review?

Before writing an article review, you need to check the settings of the article to be reviewed. By starting here, you can quickly work on your article review format using the steps below:

•    Summary of the article including essential points, claims, and information.

•    A discussion of the author’s positive points and insightful observations.

•    Bring any inconsistencies, gaps, and contradictions done by the writer in the article.

•    Besides, discuss how the author supports his or her points in the content.

Conduct A Preview of the Article

This means you check the article’s title, introduction, abstract, headings, and first sentence. Start by reading the opening paragraphs and conclusion to help you get the main points and significant arguments.

Read the Article

Read the article more than once and make notes on essential sections. In short, highlight the main points to help you provide evidence to support facts once you start writing.

Rewrite the Article in Your Words

Write every important accurately and logically. Review the summary and remove any unnecessary items while ensuring that you rewrite the article in your words. Review every detail in the article and summarize it to determine whether the author was clear and accurate.

Include instances of new contributions and effective writing in the field while noting areas where the article should be improved. Besides, have a list of weakness and strengths of the article. A quality APA article review sample paper shows you how to present a clear summary of every issue in the article. Some of the common weaknesses you can find in a review article are incorrect information regarding a study or lack solution for the problem presented in the content. Ask yourself the questions below:

What is the purpose of the article?

What are the assumptions?

How are concepts defined?

Is there sufficient evidence?

What is the role of the article in the literature field?

Is the author clear in the content?

How does the article advance knowledge in a particular field?

Write the Critique

Follow article review example to come up with a well-outlined critique. This is the core of a review article, and so you must bring every point with clarification and enough evidence to support them.  Just evaluate the main points and avoid dwelling on irrelevant critiques.

If you can tie praises and grievances together and write a coherent argument to form the thesis, your review article will definitely stand out.  In your work chose whether you agree or not with the author. In the end, suggest how useful the article is to the targeted audience and benefits of reading it.  Here are tips on how to write the critique:

Always support your review with sufficient evidence from the text, but you can also use information from other articles.

The summary determines how your article turns out. It is essential and this is where you make your argument clear and evaluation makes sense.

Your personal opinion as to whether you liked the article or not is not important. You are required to assess the relevance and significance of the article.

Related each opinion with your topic sentence supported with arguments. A good example is a strength addressed in one sentence, followed by several other elaborating its significance and importance of the point.

Bottom Line

At the end of the article create a conclusion. Here, summarize all the main points briefly and include your opinions regarding the article’s clarity, accuracy, and significance. Here is an article review example conclusion:

 An example is an article review on an article by Anthony Zimmerman, titled “Condom use will increase the spread of AIDS.” The article’s arguments already show bias and prejudice in an article that has no supporting details and is full of inaccurate information. The points in the article weaken any arguments that the author may have, which reduces his credibility

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