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Every scholar was in disbelief when they received an email from Mike Bowers, a staff in Ace My Homework, notifying them of the closure of the site acemyhomework.com. Reports about this closure went viral in the web. Everyone had a question. So many questions went unanswered.


What happened to AceMyHomework?


As it is common, some even went searching online terms such as “acemyhomework”, “acemyhw”, ace my homework. However, their desperate search did not get any clear answer. The effects of the closure were deep. Some writing careers were brought to a merciless end. You can imagine the millions of students who got homework help from the site. Certainly, the lump sum amount of cash was lost in the closure of Acemyhomework. There are also the many tutors who did depend on Acemyhomework as a source of income.

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Well then, what really happened to Acemyhomework?

Mike, did not give a reason why he took such a brave yet fatal decision of shutting down Acemyhomework as per a snapshot of the email he wrote to one of the scholars. In his email, he states that the deliberation to close the site had taken him time to make. Besides, he as well acknowledges that it was not such an easy decision to make. Thereafter, he gives a brief explanation of the way forward from when Acemyhomework is shut down and the clearing of the projects that were work in progress at the time of the site shut down. But what caused him to make the decision?

The going down of Ace My Homework clearly shows the many challenges that sites which offer homework help to students are going through. It is important for us to share some of those challenges and see whether a solution can be found out. Definitely, it is not the desire of any of us to see other homework help alternative websites going the way of Ace My Homework. In this piece, we discuss some of the challenges that might be the reason why what happened to Ace My Homework did happen.


Ace My Homework came into inception about some six years back. You can agree that a lot of changes have taken place since then especially in the homework help industry. A huge number of homework help websites have come on board. Some have gone down at the time of their launching and others have continued to survive to date. The introduction of these companies has brought intense competition in the homework help industry. Students have a diverse choice on which site to seek support from. Might be this competition did catch up with Ace My Homework and like some new startups, it had to go down.

Okay, you may say, Ace My Homework was an established academic writing giant. Surely, that’s true but remember it is either you be in charge of circumstances or circumstances be in charge of you. Probably, Mike and his team did dwell on the glory of the past and did fail to realize change was coming real fast. Before they did put their house in order all was lost and the inevitable had to happen. Every firm that offers homework help services has to learn some valuable lessons from Ace My Homework. They need to come up with adequate mechanisms to wade through the fragile and competitive writing industry.


Just a little search showed a post that indicated some mischievous persons had posted some illicit information in the Ace My Homework website. It is this information that might have made Mike close down Ace My Homework. The image of the company was in the mercy of some malicious and ill-motivated persons. Mike had to consider shutting down Ace My Homework to avoid further damage not only on his site but his name as well. You know some decisions seem not to make sense in the present but a keen look into the future warrants them being made today. Any proprietor knows that many are times you can hang on an already ailing business with the hope it will work out only to make massive loses beyond your gains. Seems Mike and the team found themselves in a position which they were being called upon to make such a choice.

Okay, it all remains part of our suspicions. However, you will agree Cyberbullying is a reality.Ace My Homework might have happened to be a victim of Cyberbullying. It is in this suspicion that every firm which offers homework help services need to learn. Every company that offers homework help services should put in place measures that will protect their websites from cyberbullying. Yes, they may not achieve 100% protection but at least they will reduce the risks of Cyberbullying. It is advisable to also seek for some of these companies to seek for assistance from experts. Who knows might be Ace My Homework would have been saved if strategies were put in place to mitigate Cyberbullying.

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Government influence

Did the government have something to do with the shutting down of Ace My Homework? While this is not clearly known one thing is for sure it still remains a probable reason. Mike was definitely under some pressure to make such a fatal decision. The government can be a likely source of such pressure. Rumors have it that the government was on a move to shut down every site that offers homework help services. The pessimists did agree with this school of thought. Some even went ahead to name some sites that did close down apart from Ace My Homework. Their opponents, on the other hand, the opportunists, remained to argue the validity of such a move by the government.

Whatsoever school of thought you support every business that offers homework help services needs to pay attention to the changes in government. Otherwise, it will be caught pants down and go the Ace My Homework way. Remember the government makes policies which any business has no option other adhering to the letter.


Ace My Homework is now gone.  However, if you’re looking for an alternative homework help providers, talk to us for a quote and our friendly staff will get back to you with an affordable offer for your order. The memories about Ace My Homework will remain a story to be told to many of how a giant fell. The scars of wounds it did cause will remain to show how change can be merciless to those who don’t accommodate it. You that read this you have no reason to be a victim again. It is now all clear to you. Whatever online venture you have, whosoever you are, consider the points discussed and you will not regret it. Take the road that many students of acemyhomework are choosing. Hire us! Cheers!!


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