How to Write 5 paragraph essay: Tips, Examples, and Guideline

Most people fail in their essay preparation since because they do not understand the format to use. As a result, they do not appropriately present their work. However, this can easily be changed by first understanding that there are different types of essays. These include but are not limited to persuasive, narrative, comparative, expository, and argumentative essays. In case you do not understand any of these types, it is crucial that you check out samples such as Argumentative 5 paragraph essay examples to help you know what is needed when writing this paper.

Basically, most essays should have a 5 paragraph essay format to help them to put across their points in way to earn them good will play a significant role in the manner in which it is presented. Most standardized tests require students to have five paragraphs in their essays. Each paragraph has a particular purpose that has to be taken into consideration. There has to be an introductory paragraph which introduces readers to the contents of the essay. Then there is the body, which usually has three paragraphs. The final paragraph is a conclusion to the essay. This 5 paragraph essay outline should be used in an essay as it is the standard. Below is a detailed explanation of each section:

Introduction paragraph

This is the first paragraph for all 5 paragraph essay topics. There needs to be enough information in this section as it is intended to grab the attention of readers. There are three crucial elements of an introduction. These include a description of the main idea, thesis statement, and a presentation of arguments based on the thesis. Writers need to be brief and precise.

As a result, it is advisable to present only each argument in a single sentence. These arguments should be related to the essay’s thesis statement to ensure that you do not divulge. Most people don’t write there these statements as is required. The best way to do is to be specific rather than general.

Let readers understand why you hold onto that particular opinion presented in the thesis statement. Saying that you believe that “politics is a dirty game because of different reasons” is not specific. Instead, say, “politics is evil because it takes men of integrity and turns them into corrupt individuals.” The latter example is more precise and easily understandable.

Body paragraph

This is made up of the second, third, and fourth paragraph. The three paragraphs must present details regarding the selected topic. To avoid divulging, you are expected to stick to the argument already stated in the introduction paragraph.

Sources must be used depending on the type of essay being writing.  These sources must also be relevant to the topic of discussion and only act as a justification of arguments possed. The best way to handle body paragraphs is by first writing a topic sentence that presents a summary of all points intended for a paragraph.

Next is to present an argument that supports the topic sentence. Finally, a writer should present sufficient evidence to support the argument. Such evidence might be in the form of quotes, facts, statistics, or examples. If still confused and not sure how to write you essay, it’s a good idea is to have a look at any 5 paragraph essay example in the library and online.

Conclusion Paragraph

This paragraphy summarizes the essay. Most people have a hard time writing this part of an essay. However, it can easily be done by creating a link between the points discussed in the body paragraph and the thesis statement.  No new information should be presented in this section.

Every statement should be based on what has already been discussed in the essay. These are some of the crucial elements of a 5 paragraph essay conclusion. Anyone who masters these ideas will have learned how to write a 5 paragraph essay.

How the 5-Paragraph Essay is Graded

Every student writing a 5-pragraph essay outline looks forward to a top score.  The grade achieved in this paper determines what one gets as the final score once they complete the course. Here is the grading rubric used by lecturers:


How did the writer prove the thesis and was it effective?  Did the student meet all objectives successfully?


How is the essay’s flow? Are the five paragraphs connected without repletion of the same points? How logical are they and was outline and writing standards followed?


Does the text have wordiness? Does the essay have punctuation, spelling and grammar errors?


How creative is the writer? Are there any high-level vocabularies in the paper?


Did the student use quality points and evidence to defend arguments?  Are the arguments persuasive and powerful?

Bottom Line

There are many proposals on how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast. However, the easiest way is first to create an outline using the provided tips to write a 5-paragraph essay. This might be used as a rough draft that can be edited to create a better essay.

For a better understanding, you might want to read and re-read this guideline. Such a document would provide clear tips to write a 5 paragraph essay. More information can be retrieved from our repository those seeking to be better essay writers.  Contact our PhD write to learn how simple it is to write a 5 paragraph essay

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